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Google Inc., a technology company, builds products and provides services to organize the information. The company offers Google Search, which provides information online Knowledge Graph that allows to search for things, people, or places, as well as builds systems that recognize speech and understand natural language Google Now, which provides information to users when they need it and Product Listing Ads that offer product image, price, and merchant information. It also provides AdWords, an auction-based advertising program AdSense, which enables Websites that are part of the Google Network to deliver ads Google Display, a display advertising network DoubleClick Ad Exchange, a marketplace for the trading display ad space and YouTube that offers video, interactive, and other ad formats. In addition, the company offers Android, an open source mobile software platform hardware products, including Chromebook, Chrome, Chromecast, and Nexus devices Google to share things online with people Google Play, a cloud-based digital entertainment store for apps, music, books, and movies Google Drive, a place for users to create, share, collaborate, and keep their stuff and Google Wallet, a virtual wallet for in-store contactless payments. Further, it provides Google Apps, which include Gmail, Calendar, and Google Sites that are built for people to work anywhere, anytime, on any device without loss of security or control Google Maps Application Programming Interface and Google Earth Enterprise, a software solution for imagery and data visualization. Additionally, the company offers Google App Engine, a platform as a service offering Google Cloud Storage Google BigQuery for real time analytics Google Cloud SQL for structured query language and Google Compute Engine, an infrastructure as a service platform. It also offers mobile wireless devices, and related products and services. Google Inc. was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Mountain View, California. . Google provides search and advertising services, which together aim to organize and monetize the world s information. In addition to its dominant search engine, it offers a plethora of online tools and platforms including: Gmail, Maps, YouTube, and Google, the company s extension into the social space. Most of its Web-based products are free, funded by Google s highly integrated online advertising platforms AdWords and AdSense. Google promotes the idea that advertising should be highly targeted and relevant to users thus providing them with a rich source of information. Google has also made strong moves into the web-based apps space with acquisitions of Jotspot (documents), 2Web Technologies (spreadsheets) and Zenter (presentations). The company has also made a splash with the acquisitions of YouTube, DoubleClick and Feedburner. is a global technology company that provides a web based search engine through its website. The Company offers a wide range of search options, including web, image, groups, directory, and news searches. maintains an index of Web sites and other online content for users, advertisers, and Google network members and other content providers. It offers AdWords, an auction-based advertising program AdSense program, which enables Web sites that are part of the Google Network to deliver ads from its AdWords advertisers Google Display, a display advertising network that comprises the videos, text, images, and other interactive ads DoubleClick Ad Exchange, a real-time auction marketplace . Information Retrieval Services


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