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$5 to $10 million (USD) per year
Los Angeles, CA
Consumer Discretionary Services

A Place Called Home (APCH) is a safe haven in South Central Los Angeles where under-served youth are empowered to take ownership of the quality and direction of their lives through programs in education, arts and well-being, and are inspired to make a meaningful difference in their communities and the world. Core programs work in conjunction with one another to support APCH members in avoiding destructive behaviors by developing life skills and providing motivation to overcome adversity, make healthy, productive choices and take advantage of the opportunities which lie before them. For more information please visit www.apch.org. A Place Called Home operates as a non-profit organization. The Organization provides educational programs, counseling, mentoring, music, dance and art classes for children in south central Los Angeles. “Home” means so much to so many. It’s a place where we feel safe… where we can be ourselves… where we can be with our friends, family, and loved ones. Most of all, home is where a community comes together. Home is where the heart is.At A Place Called Home, caring staff, supporters and volunteers come together to provide South Central children and teens 8 –21 years old with love, safety, enrichment, training, and opportunities through educational programs, counseling, and mentorship. After-school, weekend, and all day summer programs and services include tutoring and homework support, as well as a full spectrum of instruction in the arts, athletics, dance and music.Whatever your age, when you join APCH, you bring amazing skills and abilities that may not be fully realized yet. Our smart, caring staff provides individualized attention to every member of our community.


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