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We don't just provide training programmes and courses, we focus on you - it's how we built our company. Founded in 1989, Adapt Limited (formerly Bentek Training Services) was created in an era of GUIs, MS-DOS, word processors and floppy disks! Not many companies, large or small, invested in leadership, management or staff training, mobile devices were the size of house bricks, the internet was relatively unknown and email was a fad. In the beginning, we concentrated on providing IT training services and as our reputation for providing an unrivalled customer experience grew, so did our training staff to provide courses and programmes in the public and private sector covering subjects on management, sales, and business skills. Skip forward three decades, technology is part of our everyday lives, companies are investing in their leaders and staff and the most successful companies are those that put the needs of their customers at the heart of everything that they do. What gives us our edge is that since the beginning, all our courses and programmes are meticulously planned so that your requirements and abilities are considered and woven into the formation and running of the event. Added to this we continuously refer to what you want the outcome to be and provide practical information so that participants return to work with a workable plan to put their new skills and knowledge into use. Since 1989, over 500,000 individuals representing 2,700 organisations have benefited from Adapt’s care and attention to detail, and also our proven 3-step systematic approach to developing and delivering courses. What really matters is that it isn't About Us, It's About You An ILM Approved Centre & Microsoft Mid-Market Solution Provider.


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