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$100 to $500 million (USD) per year
Yieldr, Clickbooth, Mundo Media
European Union (EU)
Performance marketing network. Future-ready.

Advidi. Performance marketing network. Founded in 2012. Global - but deeply Dutch. Our mission is also our core business: We find and connect the best people in the industry while inspiring and empowering them to be more successful. What we do As a performance marketing network, our role is to unify the pickiest players in the industry. We connect advertisers (with exciting products to sell) to affiliates (with impressive marketing skills), then empower each side to create better outcomes for all involved. In our dynamic industry, this involves a broad range of efforts, including technical optimization, resource allocation, advisory, cashflow empowerment… you name it. If the situation demands it, we deliver it - before our partners have to ask. Who we are Above all… we’re a family. We work as a team to support each other, which in turn supports our partners and our industry as a whole. We share healthy lunches and have fun together. We hold our partners to high standards, and we hold ourselves accountable for ensuring they meet them. This is a key part of our legacy. We’re driven, trustworthy and ambitious. These terms define our professional attitude. At the end, we’re game-changers who never settle for “good enough” - we prefer to surprise our partners (and each other) with modern, cutting-edge solutions that drive the evolution of the industry. Join us and we’ll ask you to play an important role. That’s our promise! An affiliate network from Amsterdam, specialised in Dating, Health&Beauty and Mainstream. Advidi is an innovative all-around performance marketing network dedicated to offering complete ROI-driven online marketing & CPA services and smart optimization technology.


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