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51-200 employees
Privately Held
$5 to $10 million (USD) per year
Calgary, Alberta

Alberta Glass is a commercial glazing contractor focused on providing excellent aesthetics, performance and energy efficient building envelope solutions for building owners and users, throughout the entire building lifecycle. Working with one of the oldest names in the industry (1911), Alberta Glass re-launched the brand in 1994 and has been providing a full range of glass, aluminum, and glazing services ever since. Corporately, we believe in safety, quality of work, workplace timeliness and superior skill sets. It is our people who are the key to our success. a team of people working together, exploring new ideas and implementing action plans. Our Vision Alberta Glass is the commercial glazing contractor that people want to work for & clients want to work with. Our Customers  We partner with our customers and deeply value long term relationships.  We strengthen relationships with our customers by communicating honestly and proactively.  We collaborate with our customers to create solutions. Our Suppliers We partner with our suppliers and value their input, expertise and support. Understanding our supplier’s expertise & limitations through communication is core to a successful project. Our People  We strive to find and retain the best people in our industry.  Our challenging & open work environment maximizes fresh thinking, creativity, teamwork, and innovation.  We identify skills and leadership qualities and provide opportunities for advancement in people’s careers.  We encourage social responsibility and positively contribute to our community.  We support and promote human rights, fairness and diversity within Alberta Glass. Our Work  We strive for excellence & continually seek new & better ideas, methods &opportunities for innovation.  We have a culture of Health and Safety – there is nothing more important than the safety and health of our workers and the public.


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