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Experience Matters American Aircraft Sales is a family owned and operated business, now in its second generation. Founded by Charlie Tolbert, a World War II veteran whose relentless determination drove American Aircraft Sales’ early success at a time when jet aircraft were first becoming available for business and personal use. In a time before computers, email, and easy access to information, Charlie built a global network to help clients find the right buyers or aircraft, earning recognition as a pioneer and an industry icon. Charlie’s drive, passion, and determination has since passed on to his son, Jet Tolbert, who has spent his entire life immersed in the world of aircraft acquisitions and sales. His unparalleled knowledge and experience continue to propel AAS as one of the industry’s true leaders. For our clients, this translates into a higher level of service. Whether it is local or spans across continents, we are able to handle each transaction with extreme precision and efficiency, handling all regulatory procedures, technical, and financial aspects flawlessly to ensure it transpires smoothly. Should challenges ever arise, AAS has developed the gold standard of industry best practices to fully protect everyone involved in each transaction. Our experience means that you’ll experience true peace of mind while receiving the highest level of service in the industry. Creating Maximum Impact for Your Aircraft Dozens of decisions are involved in presenting an aircraft to market. Getting them all right can mean the difference between success and languishing with painful overexposure. American Aircraft Sales has developed a proven approach that is the culmination of decades of experience in connecting corporate and personal jet aircraft with the right buyers, wherever they may be. For each aircraft we list, AAS develops a custom targeted marketing program that will yield the maximum impact with prospective buyers. These strategies, which include advertising in trade and consumer publications and online, as well as personal contact with our global network of qualified buyers, are not only highly effective in driving interest, but also incredibly efficient in doing so. Our direct, proactive approach to sales yields unprecedented results, presenting the market’s most likely buyers with exactly what they’re looking for. Giving Aircraft Interiors Exciting New Looks It takes a special array of skills to create luxurious, functional interior designs. And it takes more than a working knowledge of furniture and finishing – it requires a deep understanding of the demands of air transport and how to design specifically for the confined environment of an aircraft. When you select an aircraft, or need to upgrade or refurbish your cabin space, we can arrange professional design and completion services. American Aircraft Sales works closely with experienced interior service centers that can seamlessly blend modern and traditional materials to express your unique personality and meet your special requirements. Controlling Your Aircraft Acquisition Cost There’s no need to delay upgrading your corporate transport while you sell your existing aircraft. Not only can we market, present and sell your aircraft, we can take your existing aircraft in trade and add it to our inventory. We are immediate cash buyers of any corporate jet or turboprop, and can even offer brokerage aircraft at our cost in exchange for your trade-in. With our access to sources of financing, we can help you expedite paperwork that may include insurance or other documentation required by lenders. We earned our reputation by making the right moves at the right time. American Aircraft Sales, Inc. (AASI) operates as an aircraft brokerage and consulting firm. The Company specializes in executive aircraft acquisitions, leasing, appraisals, and sales. AASI serves customers in the United States.


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