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BRAAI FLAVOURS Nottingham taste the adventure Zimbabwean, South African & Vegetarian Kitchen Food & Hospitality. • BRAAI FLAVOURS is a hybrid of Zimbabwean, South African & Vegetarian fast casual food service and kitchen serving fresh boldly and distinctly flavours of open fire, grilled and flavour infused with the Zimbabwe & African inspired mixed spices. Right from that core is where the shoot of Braai Flavours grew from, pulling up with it the very essence of the Zimbabwean culture, food and interaction. Braai Flavours is a socially responsible fast casual Kitchen that offers delicious and healthy meals with a Zimbabwean and Southern African influence. All meals are prepared with fresh ingredients with a touch of ancient Zimbabwean style, herbs and spices. BRAAI FLAVOURS: www.braaiflavours.com • Braai Flavours values are mainly motivated by the desire to give back to the communities we operate in, providing fast, tasty healthy food at great value and experience, giving back to the communities through job creation, charity work to support communities we operate in and inspire to be better. What other better way to do it than bringing together people from different walks of life through food and drink culture. We believe healthy and tasty should go together, how it’s prepared is an extra added beauty as you experience the rich flavours in every bite. It’s surprising how you will learn that to many having food is more a privilege than it is a right. Thus, our main driver is to do our best in affording that privileged to those who do not have the same privileged and being able to give back to the UK charities and African communities. BRAAI FLAVOURS Mission. • To inspire through a food & drink culture that contribute to economic growth of markets we enter and give back to the local communities by investing back into the local economies. • We provide Community Nutritional & Wellness Demos teaching how to cook healthy, tasty Zimbabwean food.


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