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1-10 employees
Croix, Hauts-de-France
Food Production

Ciboulette responds to few problems. But the primary one is how to eat healthier in urban area. At Ciboulette, there is no question of taking the slightest risk of breaking the cold chain. It operates a subscription-based meal plan service, serving customers, with a view to encouraging healthy, sustainable, and cons-effective dietary habits among its customers, and providing an easy and efficient meal service. It requires a reduction of waste. It procures practicality and optimization of time without any effort for users. Ciboulette gives the chance to eat healthy, organic, local products, without additives and preservatives, in complete transparency. Ciboulette provides value to its customers in the following ways: • The Company’s service is targeted principally persons aged between 25 and 50 years old, largely including young professionals, young families with working parents and people who are principally living in an urban area. These demographics are targeted as they typically have less time to devote to meal preparation and grocery shopping and are more likely to have enough disposable income to afford subscription services. • The accessibility and ease of use. The company makes its service available through various online and mobile channels, including mobile apps permitting their customers to easily be able to manage their subscriptions and accounts independently. • The quality of its meals and ingredients. We want to promote local suppliers who do reliable and sustainable agriculture. We are providing a varied selection of recipes spanning all tastes and dietary requirement. We also elaborate recipes depending of the season’s product.


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