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201-500 employees
Privately Held
Karachi, Sindh

Scope of the Organization: We are provider of Business & Financial Services and Advisory for those, who require their business improvement toward betterment, who require Ethical business Management, who requires Systematic Business Management. Our main products are listed below: Strategic Business Management & Improvement: We are providing competent Analysis for the root cause of the organization and make the strategic plan and Recommendation for resolve those problems. We conclude the ranges of Decision-Making Recommendation according to: 1. Designing Business Strategies & Revision of the Business Strategies to Survive and rule in the Industry & market. 2. Business Foreseeable Problems and Provide Recommendation towards problems within the organization and in external affairs. 3. Economical Pricing Decision of the Product to Support the Organization Pricing model with relevant competition in the Industry to break the industries’ rules. 4. Prediction of the foreseeable economic condition of cost and expense to Support the Organization Pricing model of product and profitability consistency, 5. Providing the methods of cost and expenses cutting of product for betterment. 6. Providing the methods of labor Management and resolve the issues of labor with understanding the labor behavior and their treatment with motivational factors in the rig manner. 7. Providing “Strategic Cash Flow Management” with respect to Multiples product sales, Multiples purchase, Payroll, management of Purchase of Assets on lease and otherwise, payment management to vendors, receivable management form customer. How to manage the maximum cash within the organization also. Providing adequate suggestions for management of customers, vendors, labors, Inventory Management with margin of safety on cash and consideration of cash available for new and loss-making company & organization for betterment. 8. Providing the Business Enhancement Strategies from Deep scene of SWOT analysis


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