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Fort Wayne, IN

EZ Wheeler officially opened in 1994 but our love for trucks started way before that. We've been lifting our trucks and getting mud on the tires since we where big enough to hold a wrench. We lift trucks, fix trucks, we drive trucks and we go mudding in our trucks. We use our trucks everyday for work and pleasure, and we use the same products we are delivering to you on a daily basis. This is how all of our products get the EZ Wheeler stamp of approval. With the top brands you'll find at EZ Wheeler disapproval is hard to come by. Here at EZ Wheeler we believe that every man should have the off-road rig of his dreams. Which is why we've worked hard to offer you all of the highest quality brands. Looking to lift or level your truck? We can help you get more ground clearance, because we have lift kits for Jeeps, lift kits for trucks, and lift kits for SUVs. Need to add skid plates or armor? We can help you protect that under carriage with our Jeep, truck, and SUV skid plates. If you need to replace those old worn out shocks, well we've go those too. Take a look around we have everything you could possibly need to build an incredible off road trail monster. With brands like Zone Offroad, JKS, Fox, and BDS Suspension building that off-road rig is going to be EZ. Truck accessories are also a big part of the EZ Wheeler life. We love our truck caps!! Protecting your tools and equipment from the elements, theft deterrent, camping the benefits of a truck cap seem to be endless. Which is why we always keep an vast selection of used truck caps, so make sure you check in regularly to our used truck cap page to see if we have something that fits your truck. If you are looking for a new cap you'll have to head over to our A.R.E. Build a Cap page to build the perfect truck cap for your rig. We also have a ton of parts and accessories for your truck cap, so make sure you are checking out our truck cap parts page as well!!


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