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Worcester, Worcestershire

We are an efficient, proactive estimating company. Our aim is to provide excellent customer service and value for money. We stand out from the competition with our detailed easy to read Bill of Quantity estimates. Material, labour and plant are all costed accurately as they are adjusted for regional location and project value. Our estimates follow NRM and SMM7 standards and are broken down by build phase the produce the take-off. The team here has over 30 years experience in the construction industry. We specialise in producing estimates that will allow you to budget effectively, reduce wastage and increase profits. Investors Land & Managed Build Packages We recognise the value and opportunity of working in partnership with Investors, Landowners and trusted developers to achieve excellent return on investment for managed build projects. For the investors overall return to be recognised and for a successful project all parties’ expectations must be achieved. Estimating Service is an independent construction consultancy offering investment opportunities for residential managed build projects. Using our intimate knowledge of the market we are able to identify development opportunities that offer optimal returns. The team provides independent advice on land sales and site acquisition, development valuation and appraisals, viability and feasibility studies. Thorough market research, valuations and appraisals allows us to identify sites ripe for development. Development properties range from one off to larger new build schemes. With our extensive market knowledge we are confident in offering profitable investment opportunities. We provide the market research and financial, and operational information necessary for investors to see the possible returns and therefore decide whether or not they wish to invest. Offering a fully comprehensive service we handle land sourcing, followed by the fully managed build.


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