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FUTUREBRITE™ is a fully owned subsidiary company of FUTUREBRITE™ Technology Pty Ltd. We are proud of the fact that we have established ourselves as one of the leading companies within our field. We are members of the Lighting Council of Australia which gives you a quality assurance. FUTUREBRITE™ is an exclusive supplier of high quality LED lighting products for all forms of industry to satisfy the Australian marketplace. We want to show you upfront that we are a proactive business that can service your needs and actually do what we say we will do. Growth is essential to our business just as it is with yours. We firmly believe that strong viable partners can help each other achieve all the business objectives that we both have. By using our fully accredited LED lighting products and services you can save: Up to 80% energy consumption on artificial lightingAdditional energy savings from reductions to the lighting heat load on the air conditioning systemYou can earn carbon credits, saving you even more money. FUTUREBRITE™ is an Accredited Certificate Provider under the NSW Energy Savings SchemeFUTUREBRITE™ will do all the paperwork for you so you can receive the maximum rebate.From an energy audit to supplying LED lighting only or a total installation on a design and construct basis, FUTUREBRITE™ Technology has the expertise and the track record to be a reliable and long term associate. FUTUREBRITE™ Technology Pty Ltd (“FUTUREBRITE”) is an Accredited Certificate Provider under the NSW Energy Savings Scheme (“ESS”) and our


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