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51-200 employees
Privately Held
Lystrup, Midtjylland
A multiplatform ecommerce powerhouse

Hi! We’re happy to have you here on linked-in! And we hope, that you’ll enjoy your time here. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Well, let's get started. What is Firtal and how did we end up here? - Early days, 2007: Firtal was started with the early beginning in 2007 when Mikkel and Jesper chose to start their first business Made4men.dk. Soon after that followed their own private label 'Razorpit'​ a new innovation made to increase "living-years"​ of razorblades. - Hard work, 2007-2013: The school of hard work! It was a regular survival case these years until break even was approaching. A lot of mistakes were made to learn and these years shaped the future in terms of knowledge. - Venture, 2014: A dream about creating a IT-powerhouse began to arise and was followed by investments in Helsebixen.dk - the largest webshop in our venture today. - Funding, 2015: The vision to create the largest IT-powerhouse in Scandinavia began to take form. With the investment from 'Lions Cave'​ (the danish version of Dragons Den) the company valuation jumped to 14 million EURO and minds such as Christian Stadil, Tommy Ahlers and Jesper Buch joined the board of advisors. - IT powerhouse, 2016: Our mission was to educate our team, add new talent and constantly work hard to build a sustainable as well as profitable business. With data as our primary tool and people as our fuel we succeed. - Married to Matas, 2018: Late august 2018, Firtal was acquired by the largest danish Health & Beauty retailer, Matas A/S. With their vision to step up the danish and scandinavian e-Commerce game, it was a no-brainer. No changes but more horsepower, loads of synergies and knowledge united. Pedal to the metal!


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