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1-10 employees
Educational Institution
Jacksonville, Florid
Recreational Facilities and Services

We are a group of outdoor educators that love the outdoor and helping people access adventure and nature in a safe responsible way. We offer certification from some of the most well respected outdoor education schools in the world like SOLO Wilderness Medicine & American Canoe Association in turn bringing Florida residence opportunities for the highest quality classes. We also offer adventure team-building for organizations looking to get outdoor and ad some adventure to the office while still implementing the time tested traditional team-building initiatives we have all grown to love. We offer expeditions to some of Florida's most beautiful and remote places with our seasoned guides. As well as expeditions around the world from Sea Kayaking in Whales, canoeing the Amazon River in Peru to raft camping on the Mekong River in Cambodia. Where ever your thirst for adventure takes you we can offer the education that helps you stay prepared for the unexpected unknowns. If you choose one of our expeditions you can be sure that our guides are certified in the most up to date remote emergency medicine protocol and have professional certifications in ecology, history, anthropology. The food will always be delicious and as much as possible we cater to dietary restrictions depending on the country and availability of resources. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to email [email protected]


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