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Founded in 2009 by Mr. Farooq Yousuf, Al Fursan Documents Clearing Services offers all Immigration and Labor Related PRO services & is known for its fulfillment of all transactions completion on time. Al Fursan Documents Clearing Services currently serves over a number of International Companies & Individuals in the greater Dubai area. Our Mission is to render all our services to the clients we have at their convenience. It is a pleasure indeed to fulfill our duties & responsibilities with due respect to enhance our work up to the customers satisfaction. Al Fursan Documents Clearing Services is pleased to present Solutions Leisure & Horizon Hospitality with the proposal to provide PRO services to your companies. We understand the problems you had to face with the transactions earlier & recognize the unique opportunity to render the best facilities we can provide to your company through our services. Having duly examined your requirements, we are confident that our proposed services will effectively address your needs. Our goal is to provide our best services to complete each & every transaction handed to us within the given time period. Our unique ability to finish all our works on time & our successful track record in all government & private sector related departments jobs makes us an enviable partner in this project. Al Fursan Documents Clearing Services is confident that our proposed Services strategy will bring a lot of difference to the needs of your company. We sincerely hope & consider a long-term partner & allow us to enter into a mutually beneficial relationship. We are available to answer any questions you may have & look forward to discussing this opportunity further. We declare this offer to be binding and free of errors or omissions. . We agree to hold our proposal open for acceptance at an earliest reply if possible. Thank you for your interest


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