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11-50 employees
Privately Held
$50 to $100 million (USD) per year
Cambridge, ON

We are a proud Canadian and family-owned business. From a modest beginning in the early 1970′s, Grober has grown from a singular animal nutrition company to a dynamic agribusiness. Our high quality standards and investment in continuous research has cemented Grober Nutrition as an international supplier of excellent feeds. With Grober, we’re here to help you, RIGHT FROM THE START! FROM HUMBLE BEGINNINGS TO BIG DREAMS Our Owner and President, Jerry Bartelse, moved to Canada from the Netherlands in 1974. At that time, he founded the Grober Group of Companies in Cambridge, Ontario. Initially a one-man operation; Jerry did it all, purchased ingredients, mixed products and made deliveries. Today, with over 300 employees, our company is much different. But the same family values continue to live on within the independent private enterprise that Grober Nutrition has grown into. Jerry’s philosophy and what he built this company on, is to look forward and not back, ‘because what is relevant is the future’. With this optimistic attitude, Jerry has continued to innovate by building companies that add value to the dairy industry, from animal nutrition, farming, meat production, and more recently sports nutrition. INTRODUCING NEW IDEAS From day one, Grober Nutrition has been committed to pushing the bar higher when it comes to raising young animals. And we practice what we preach. In 1985 Grober Nutrition and Delft Blue were the first in North America to successfully develop and implement group housing for veal calves. Today, that concept has become common practice. YOUR YOUNG ANIMAL SPECIALISTS Combined with over 40 years of manufacturing, our own experience raising over 100,000 calves a year, and our commitment to industry, academia and farmers, we are passionate about nutrition, feed management, housing and manufacturing technologies. Come with us, let’s GRO together. Grober Nutrition, Inc. provides nutrition and management insights for raising young livestock. The Company wholesale distribution of animal feeds, fertilizers, agricultural chemicals, and other farm supplies. Grober Nutrition serves customers throughout Canada. Grober Inc. is a diversified Agri-Food Company with more than 40 years of experience in agri-business. Grober Nutrition, a division of Grober Inc. is the leading producer of milk-based products for young animals in Canada. Milk Replacer, whether for calves, kids, lambs or other young animals, offers sound, dependable and consistent nutrition.In most commercial settings, milk from bulk tanks or individual cows can vary in macro and micro nutrients. Protein, fat, vitamins and mineral levels will vary in whole/waste milk. Whole/waste milk often contains more water or lactose. Feeding milk replacer guarantees young animals are receiving consistent nutrition. This consistency allows farmers to grow a healthy, vibrant and profitable business.We believe in our products so much, we are proud to use them on our own farms!


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