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Get fit, get home! Home Run offers a series of FREE guided group runs home from central London… we even carry your bag! Home Runs range from 2-6 miles and follow Tube and bus routes across London. Guided by a run leader and run at a comfortable pace, Home Run builds your exercise into your commute saving you time and money. Leave the Tube behind. Avoid the commuter crush and join us for a social run home instead … and it is free! Join us at homerunlondon.com. Home Runs depart from various Tube stations across London throughout the week. To see our current routes visit the website. Home Runs will soon be going to all corners of the capital. Tell us where you need to get to and we'll be running your way soon. facebook.com/homerunlondon twitter.com/homerunlondon This company offers flatbed trucking services. Revenue Growth Programs for Aggressive Companies Looking to Be #1 in Their MarketsThe way people research and make purchase decisions has changed drastically. Today, your prospects and clients are doing tons of research on their own before they’re ready for a conversation. In most industries, as much as 70% or more of the purchase decision is already made up before you’re even looped into the conversation with potential buyers.This presents an enormous challenge for many legacy sales teams and businesses that are living in the past. But it’s also a great opportunity for those companies that are able to get found by the right people, in the right places, at the right time, and most of all in the right context.Approached correctly, with the right mindset, your company becomes seen as true industry experts and trusted advisors. You attract smarter clients. You gain much more leverage during the sales cycle. And you’re able to command premium prices, that protect your profit margins and your company’s future.Is your company trying to grow its revenue more aggressively, so that it can achieve or maintain a dominant #1 position in your market? At SP Home Run, we help our clients achieve their goals with a focus on these five essential areas.Differentiation Thought Leadership Competitive Positioning Sales Cycle Acceleration Revenue GrowthTo find out how your company can benefit, we invite you to download our free eBook, watch our free on-demand webinar recording, and schedule a free 25-minute consultation at http://www.SPHomeRun.com


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