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Consumer Staple Products

JBS is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil and is the country’s largest non-financial Company (1) in the private sector (2). Our stock is traded on the BM&FBovespa. We are the world’s second largest food Company (3) and a global leader in several segments. Our product portfolio is diverse, with options ranging from fresh and frozen to ready-to-eat meats and marketed through renowned brands such as Friboi, Seara, Swift, Primo, Pilgrim's Pride, Moy Park, Just Bare, among others. In addition, we have correlated businesses such as leather, biodiesel, collagen, personal hygiene and cleaning, natural wrappings, solid waste management solutions, metal packaging and transportation. These are innovative operations that promote sustainability throughout our value chain, aiming to take advantage of all the raw material. Our operations are conducted with a focus on excellence, food safety, and adoption of best sustainability practices throughout the value chain. We operate through a global and diversified production and distribution platform, with productive units and commercial offices in 16 countries and 230,000 employees (4). We serve more than 275,000 customers from more than 190 countries. 1 - Source: Valor Econômico newspaper 2 - Source: Bloomberg 3 - The term "employee"​ refers to direct employees, ie workers with formal ties to JBS. ---- This page is intended to propagate the good practices carried out by our company, to promote the work and achievements of our employees, and to publicize vacancies available in our units. For a good relationship, comments that do not follow the rules will be deleted without prior notice. Will not be accepted: ● No offensive, indecent, inappropriate or prejudiced comments; ● Insults, defamation or threats; ● Disclosure of trademarks or sale of products; ● SPAM messages. JBS is a Brazilian company with global presence and one of the largest food companies in the world . JBS S.A. operates as a processor of a range of meats. The Company processes meats, such as beef, pork, lamb and chicken, as well as the hides. JBS exports its products throughout the world. JBS has been providing a wide variety of quality products for more than 50 years with one mission: to provide the best possible service, selection and value to our customers. Our mission remains unchanged and today, JBS is the world's leader animal proteiJBS S.A., together with its subsidiaries, operates as an animal protein processing company. It engages in processing and sale of beef, canned goods, fat, pet food, and beef products; processing and preparing fresh, further processed, and value-added beef, pork, chicken, and lamb products; and producing beef jerky and flat cured pork belly, as well as in the poultry operations, such as layer, breeder, and broiler chickens. The company also buys and resells fattening, fresh, chilled, and frozen beef; provides services of fattening beef; produces natural collagen fiber, protein, and collagen, as well as food ingredients; offers dairy products; manufactures and markets canned vegetables; and imports and sells other foods, such as canned food, fruits, and vegetables, as well as produces wet blue, semi-finished, and finished leather for the footwear, automotive, furniture, and artifact industries. In addition, it purchases and sells soybeans, tallow, palm oil, caustic soda, and stearin; and industrializes and sells tripe. Further, the company engages in the industrial waste management and plastic resin manufacturing activities; and production and distribution of electric power, cogeneration activities, and storage of hot water for heating. Additionally, it owns transport operations for retail sale, cattle for slaughter, and export products; and produces metal packing, aluminum cans, bar soaps and soaps, biodiesel, glycerin, olein, and fatty acid, as well as offers storage services third parties products. JBS S.A. distributes its products through various distribution centers primarily in Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Australia, the United States, Uruguay, Paraguay, Mexico, China, and Russia. The company, formerly known as Friboi Ltda., was founded in 1953 and is headquartered in São Paulo, BrazilJBS SA processes beef and pork. The Company produces fresh meat and processed meat products such as roast beef with gravy, stewed steak, cubed beef, corned beef, and beef extract. JBS exports its products throughout the world. Locations JBS USA - . Luis Potosi poultry complex includes a processing facility, distribution center and retail shop. Team Members: More than 300. Producer Partners: More than 20. Carnivores have a friend in JBS. With a daily slaughter capacity of 86,000 head of cattle, JBS is the world's biggest beef (and pork, poultry, and lamb) processor and exporter. In addition to fresh and processed beef and pork (it is the #3 pork producer in the US), JBS offers cooked and canned meats, ready-to-eat meals, as well as hides and dairy products. JBS sells beef domestically under the Friboi brand. It also owns control of US poultry giant Pilgrim's Pride. The company exports products worldwide; top markets include Japan, the Middle East and Africa, and Mexico. Positioned as an integrated food company, JBS is expanding in the US and Australia. The Batista family through FB Partiçipacões owns 47% of JBS. JBS SA is located in RIO BRANCO, ACRE, Brazil and is part of the Meat Product Manufacturing Industry. There are 1,187 companies in the JBS SA corporate family. JBS SA is located in RIO BRANCO, ACRE, Brazil and is part of the Meat Product Manufacturing Industry. There are 1,187 companies in the JBS SA corporate family.


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