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Lacus Resources Ltd was formed in 2016 to provide specialist geoscience, geotechnical engineering and project management service, ensuring operators and service companies achieve the best possible outcomes from their work programmes. Our efficient business model is available to support all aspects of your project life cycle from initiation and planning phases through execution, monitoring and controlling to close out. Lacus Resources offers a wide range of geological, geotechnical engineering and project management services. Experienced personnel are able to work in-house in the UK or remotely from company offices. Commercial Services Asset Evaluation / Opportunity Screening Lead Identification and Screening Project Management Decommissioning / End of Field Life Cessation of Production Documentation License Relinquishment Documentation Well P&A Reports Geotechnical Engineering Desk Studies Site Investigation Numerical Modelling Client Representation Reservoir Services Frontier Basin Screening 2D and 3D Seismic Interpretation Well Interpretation Sequence Stratigraphy Depositional Environments and Facies Mapping Prospect Mapping Reservoir Modelling Well Planning and Post-Well Analysis Field Development Lacus Resources Ltd is lead and managed by Helen J. Taylor; a geoscientist and geotechnical engineer with over fifteen years of industry experience. During her career Helen has been engaged in global exploration, development and end of field life projects in the UK, Norway, Middle East and offshore Brazil. Helen is highly experienced in a wide variety of industry software platforms and has successfully completed the IPMA Level D Project Manager Qualification.Helen is a Fellow of the Geological Society of London and is an associate member of the AAPG, EAGE and PESGB and a guest lecturer at the University of St. Andrews.


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