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51-200 employees
Public Company
Plymouth, Minnesota
Manufacturing better business

At Minneapolis Glass, we are a woman-owned glass and glazing supplier that works for the long-term success of our customers, industry, and community. Our collaborative and craft-driven approach leverages 80 years of manufacturing know how to innovate solutions that keep pace with today's business complexities. Single source procurement, value engineering, and automation all work together to deliver functional, sustainable, and cost-effective glass and glazing applications with little to no surprises. In the end, our job is to help businesses keep their promises made to customers, clients, and right on down the line. To deliver, we cultivate the best people in the business and automate systems to predict more accurate lead times and proactively troubleshoot issues. For our customers, this means ♦ faster bid turnaround times ♦ free value engineering, design, shipping, and delivery ♦ quick answers to questions ♦ more accurate delivery dates ♦ trouble-free replacements and returns Whether you are a manufacturer, contractor, designer, engineer, or buyer, you have a job to do and a schedule to keep. Our skilled craftspeople will resource it, customize it, deliver it, and install it, no matter the industry or scope. Interested in partnering with a supplier ready to capture your vision? MESSSAGE: [email protected] Industries ♦ Commercial Construction ♦ Residential Construction ♦ Manufacturing & OEM ♦ Retail Capabilities ♦ Single Source Procurement ♦ Value Engineering ♦ Customization & Fabrication ♦ Distribution ♦ Delivery ♦ Install Top Glass & Glazing Applications ♦ Storefronts ♦ Curtain Walls ♦ Aluminum Entrances ♦ Glass Walls, Partitions & Doors ♦ Demountable Walls ♦ Conference Rooms ♦ Railings


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