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Your Transformation Department

Nexus is a flat, self-managing network of experts who have known each other for years and who trust each other implicitly. There are no underlings in Nexus, which means your company’s project will never be handled by a junior consultant. With a global network covering over 30 countries, Nexus International provides our clients with the link between strategic planning and effective tactical execution, enabling transformative consulting. The Nexus Leadership Panel has over 40 current and former senior executives with proven track records in governance and delivery across retail, sales, marketing and training; The Nexus Specialist Panel has nearly 100 data scientists, software developers, HR and training consultants, content marketers and other experts who can be pulled into projects as needed. Nexus Equity Partners, Strategic Partners and Investors help to broaden and deepen our capabilities and provide access to funding while staying within our circle of trust. Practices of expertise We build value for our clients through a suite of transformative services: - Transformative Consulting - Data & Innovation - DNA Engineering - Board & Governance - Funding & Legal Established in 2000, we've been continuously committed to providing clients with professional and exceptional services. Our ongoing motivation stems from our happy clients. We want to work with people like us. We want to take the time to understand you and your business so that we can provide cost effective and practical legal advice and representation that is relevant and tailored to you or your business. We offer a range of services to clients in various areas including: For Your Business - Real Estate, Dispute Resolution & Litigation, Companies & Partnerships, Employment, Insolvency, Property Disputes & Litigation, Banking & Finance, Commercial Contracts, Directors & Officers, Education and Intellectual Property & E-commerce. For You - Employment, Family & Divorce Law, Insolvency, Personal Injury and Property. Whether your issue is a work related or personal matter, our experts are on hand to help with a shared goal; this being your success. For more information, head to www.nexussolicitors.co.uk or email us at [email protected]


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