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1-10 employees
Privately Held
Houston, TX
Sporting Goods

Dear Paintball Enthusiasts,This year we are celebrating our 24th year anniversary at Paintball Store, Inc. and celebrating our 30th year anniversary at our Paintball park ~ Survival Game of Texas, Inc. Paintball Store, Inc. has come a long way, continuing to be one of the most popular stores in paintball. To our customers, Paintball Store, Inc. means trust in our continued excellence of service, high quality of products and brands carried, and continued support of products purchased at Paintball Store, Inc. We take pride in being a leader in the paintball industry and are committed to take it to the next level. We are in relentless pursuit of providing the most innovative and largest selection of products in paintball. This year we have continued to increase the number of in store products as we have done year after year. We are also providing an avenue of online selections of paintball products at the most competitive price. Again, we want to surpass your expectations by bring you the greatest paintball products possible. Besides introducing the latest paintball products to the market we are also playing an important role in promoting Paintball sport in Houston at our paintball park. This year we are celebrating our 30th year anniversary at Survival Game of Texas, Inc. We take the utmost pride in expanding Paintball Store, Inc. and Survival Game of Texas, Inc.


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