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51-200 employees
Privately Held
Miami, Florida
Vegan restaurant

Under the direction of Executive Chef Horacio Rivadero, and Pastry Chef Veronica Manolizi, the menu blends innovative technique with seasonal, local produce, and includes many classic living, vegan and gluten-free dishes. Most of our farm-to-chef ingredients are locally sourced from our own Paradise Farms, including specialty micro greens and 57 varieties of edible flowers. Merging globally-inspired culinary philosophies, an expansive variety of super foods, medicinal herbs and ancient spices inspire our recipes and enliven our dishes. To accompany the menu, we offer biodynamic and organic spirits, craft cocktails, organic wines. We are a Certified Kosher restaurant located in the tropical garden of The Sacred Space Miami. The dining room features an elemental, contemporary environment designed by Rene Gonzalez, with a view of the immaculate exposed kitchen, illustrating our deep commitment in integrity and transparency of process. Seamlessly interfacing between indoor and outdoor, the patio effortlessly integrates the natural beauty of the space. Diners overlook a gold-tiled reflecting pond, a guava grove, a meditation garden and outdoor lounge. With its modern approach and distinctive setting, Plant Miami is the perfect platform for Miami’s sub-tropical climate and broad cultural influences, integrating a distinctive harmony with holistic wellness, impeccable ingredients, skilled technique, and exquisite plating.  Plant Miami heralds a modern plant-based approach with an emphasis on vibrant organic living foods, with a commitment to the art of conscious cuisine. Featuring vegan, kosher dishes naturally inspired by the South Florida landscape, we use the purest ingredients and highest sustainability practices in the industry. Functional nutrition serves as a guiding principle in our approach and process, coupled with the holistic living philosophy of healthy cuisine being sourced from the most simple, pure and cleanest ingredients.


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