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51-200 employees
Educational Institution
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
न संसार भयं ज्ञानवताम्

At Raj Vedanta, we aspire to be a ‘World Class School’ with excellence at the heart of everything we do. Our Motto “न संसार भयं ज्ञानवताम्” which means: ‘Enlightened Ones Do Not Fear The World’ ; simply shows our commitment to impart every student with true knowledge. As a result, students leave Raj Vedanta equipped with the knowledge and skills to enable them succeed in whatever they turn their hands too, anywhere in the world, and yet keep Indian ethos and values. Not only, the school’s curriculum is broad and balanced and meets the needs of all of its students. But also, our culture encourages students to innovate and take risks while developing new ideas and considering solutions to problems. Leadership is taught within the school’s curriculum as well as through an outstanding array of extra-curricular clubs ,activities, sports amenities and performing arts prowess. What cannot be measured in league tables are the values which we reinforce in our students and which contributes significantly to the school’s outstanding ethos. We aim to instil a progressive mind set and nurture leaders of tomorrow, who will eventually become valued members of their community. We challenge students with a rigorous program of inquiry and study, and in turn ask that they challenge themselves to higher standards and reach for excellence in all aspects of their lives. We prepare our students intellectually, while developing a love of learning and sound judgment. Ultimately, we provide our graduates a framework for understanding the world and the skills and traits to succeed in it.


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