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港区, 東京都
Pet groomer

Our company is developing the "SUGAR"​ live video "1 : 1 : N"​ distribution platform. A few bullet points about the SUGAR app: · A videophone call comes from a famous celebrity in realtime · Celebrities talk randomly with chosen people among the whole the audience. · You can participate in the broadcast with your smartphone. · The app has a real time makeup and face stamping function so you can look more beautiful in the broadcast. We were founded as a startup in June 2017. We have raised hundreds of millions of yen funds from a famous venture capital and famous individual investors. 【CTO Mr. Sugitani Introduction】 In 2006 joined Dwango Company as a graduate. Eventually become Development leader in charge of several projects. During this period at Dwango, Mr Sugitani developed Nikonama, a popular service that reached 3.33 million Monthly Active Users. In 2013 he joined Septeni Original and worked on the developing culture as CTO. He developed the cartoon application GANMA! From October 2017, he joined the SUGAR Corporation and he is in charge of development as CTO. 【About development culture】 Don't hesitate doing any effort to keep on with high-speed, high-quality development. 1, Use excellent tools - Scala or Swift or Kotlin rather than PHP, Objective-C or Java / High spec PC. 2, Use good methodologies in the correct way - Domain-Driven Design, Scrum etc. 3, Mantain code higiene - Review / Eagerness to test 4, Enjoy - avoid manual operation / automation · scripting For details, plase see the blog below. So far we have only Japanese version . ・2017/10 blog entry - Summary of the first four years or Talk of a quitting CTO http://sugitani.hatenablog.com/entry/2017/10/01/122714 ・2015/5 blog entry - A thought about technical debt http://sugitani.hatenablog.com/entry/2015/05/23/205714 【Development environment】 ・Macbook Pro 15 inch 2.9 GHz / memory 32 GB / SSD 512 GB ・Dual display ・Scala / Swift / Kotlin ・GCP / AWS / Docker / Kubernetes / Ansible / Akamai


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