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U are OK is a young vegan natural cosmetics brand for teenagers and young adults. Naturalness is our brand core: On one hand with a view to the ingredients we use for our cosmetics product. And on the other hand it builds the center of what we believe in as a brand. The brand name sums that up perfectly: You are OK just the way your are. You dont have to meassure your self-esteem in likes on social media. No mather who you are, no mather how you are, you are the original version, there is no better. You'll find laid-back texts on each of our products, where we talk about these kind of topics:"Be yourself not your selfie"​, "Unbox yourself"​ or "Better logout than burnout"​. U are OK started with a product range that comprises four products for young women [face cream, cleanser, body lotion, shower gel] and two products for young men [shower & hair, face cream]. The formulas are based on the assumption, that young, healthy skin is able to heal itself and that people tend to over-treat their skin. U are OK aims to activate the self-cleansing and healing powers of the skin. Through the use of natural oils, irritated, over nourished and also sensitive skin can be brought back into balance. Additionally boths product groups are equiped with a irresistible scent based on natural essential oils: Tangerine and vanilla for women and eucalyptus and sandalwood for men. The result are well-balanced products for all skin types which have already found many admirers beyond the main target group of teens and twens.


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