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51-200 employees
Privately Held
Peterborough, Cambridgeshire
Outstanding care products for motorcycles!

Unlimited Passion or "UnPass"​ as we are known in Europe, is a brand of the SABE Industry Group, which for over 40 years has been designing, manufacturing and marketing a wide range of technical products for upkeep, cleaning, maintenance, disinfection and hygiene. Our constant concern is to continually seek the best results by adapting our products, according to advancements in our field. More importantly, we are constantly listening to our customers in order to provide them with the answers to their needs. We have our own R&D laboratory which allows us to design, formulate and manufacture the products we market to our customers. We are the manufacturer and the supplier, we are the experts. We are ‘chemists’ who are also enthusiasts in your areas of interests too. We know the products we sell to you, because, people LIKE US helped to make them. We have designed them with people like you, for you. UNLIMITED PASSION is a brand of cleaning products for enthusiasts and all those who wish to maintain their pride and joy in optimal condition. The mission of UNLIMITED PASSION is to offer our customers the best range of care and maintenance products for their passions: cars, motorbikes & bikes as well as - coming VERY SOON – golf, sailing, horse riding and who knows what else! We develop care products for enthusiasts who want to fully maintain their machines or equipment in the most demanding environments. All our products are the subject of rigorous testing. NOT ONLY tests in the laboratory, but also by independent panels. Panels consist of members of the public AND professionals experienced in the use and maintenance of the specific equipment Cars / Bikes / Etc . UNLIMITED PASSION support their trade customers like no other company, we actively advertise our dealers, we actively promote their offers, news and events. We aren't just a 'supplier'​ we are an active partner in the growth of their business. UNLIMITED PASSION value their end customers by offering them an uncompromising satisfaction guarantee. We offer this guarantee on truly unique products, products that are free of marketing hype and free of glossy labels to disguise average performance. Real products that deliver real results. Unlimited Passion. Don't settle!


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