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Jul 1, 2008
Consumer Electronics

Violet3D builds wireless 3D audio hardware that delivers an immersive movie, broadcast or gaming experience by using patented digital signal processing techniques to adapt the audio to the environment you are in. Violet3D's audio engines are built to suit the needs of today's slim televisions, tablets and game consoles. For example our audio console is extremely simple to use so much so that the entire system can be set up in 15 minutes or less. Compare this with bulky & complex AVRs that require speakers in specific positions in the living room, wires that go across the room & acoustic treatment of the room amongst other things. We have shrunk the 'AVR' to something that fits in the palm of your hand so it can slip into the back of your slim TV. The award winning Orchestra3D from Loewe AG uses our technology and hardware to achieve this - simplicity without compromise. We have gone a step further with our next generation audio engines by eliminating the audio console altogether to stream audio from Notebooks & Tablets. All you need is our latest USB streaming stick & associated software. The signal processing algorithms run on the device and can stream direct to our wireless speakers. We have also demonstrated a 3D gaming solution to work as an companion for game consoles like the PS3/XBOX etc. that allows for the rendering of audio in 3D space (XYZ co-ordinates) with as little as 4 speakers. This takes the gaming experience to next level. We see audio rendering as an area of consumer electronics that has been largely underserved, not keeping pace with video and display technology. We strive to bring audio innovation that not only keeps pace with other trends in consumer electronics but actually sets it. For more, please visit www.violet3d.com Violet3D designs and develops wireless three-dimensional audio hardware.


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