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1-10 employees
Privately Held
Boise, Idaho

Our Story: We moved to Boise 7 years ago from Juneau, Alaska with our two small children. Our family has grown to love this tight-knit, growing city and cannot imagine living anywhere else. We were amazed at how the downtown Boise community supported local businesses and the passion about eating healthy, organically, and locally. The Idea: The Liege is the new frontier of waffles and has gained popularity nationwide. We are currently the only liege makers in Idaho! We started at the Nampa Farmers Market in 2012 where we had to educate people that this was not a typical waffle. In the winter we went Capital City Public Market for exposure. In the spring of 2013 we were accepted at the first ever Boise Farmers Market. Since then we have gained a following of raving fans to our mobile locations. We have been acknowledged in the Idaho Business Review, Idaho Statesman, Boise Weekly, and KBOI. Our Product: What makes this waffle unique is that it is made from yeast-risen, buttery dough - not a liquid batter. We have imported Belgium Pearl Sugars that we fold into the dough, which we weigh precisely and rise to perfection. This is a two-hour process. We then press the dough in hot European waffle irons with consistent heat to melt and caramelize the pearl sugars. This results in a dense and chewy waffle with a crunchy and sweet perimeter. Our waffle fans love this waffle plain or top it with sweet and savory items like creamy spreads, fruits, herbs, meats, cheese, and eggs! Also we use local flour, bacon and real butters.


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