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11-50 employees
Privately Held
Wake Forest, NC
Coffee and Tea

"Great Coffee, Great Friends, Great Times." For many, coffee has become a personal experience, a drug of choice, a necessity of life, or just an enjoyable part of everyday existence. Whether they consciencly know it or not, coffee is something different and special for everyone who drinks it. There is nothing new about coffee houses. The wheel may get a new facelift but never reinvented. Coffee houses have been places where great ideas have been born and world problems solved. Poetry has been recited as well as dreams of overthrowing governments entertained. Inside the friendly confines of a coffee house the famous, the infamous and the ordinary can be found talking to each other. Business deals have been sealed over a cup of coffee as well as friendships forged while drinking espressos and eating biscotti. Couples have fallen in love while sipping cappuccinos and great ideas have been fostered while savoring a latte. I would like to think that our coffee house is all of the above. It is a place for thinking, reading, planning, loving, relaxing, working, conspiring, philosophizing, but especially dreaming. Mostly at Wake Forest Coffee Company, homework gets completed and life long friendships have been found. That makes us the happiest. All things considered, our coffee shop is a place where anybody can come and feel welcome and comfortable. This company states they offer: "To encourage friendships for the betterment of our community through the crafting and consumption of delicious beverages."


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