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Feeding the homeless just got a lot easier thanks to WeCare, a community-based app that lets you share and discover the locations of homeless people. WeCare has two functions: Marking the locations of homeless people and supplying them with food that would otherwise go to waste. Anyone who works or lives in a city passes homeless people several times throughout the day. WeCare users can tell fellow users where these homeless people are so they can give their generosity a destination. Whether you’re at home, a restaurant, or even your workplace, we are all guilty of throwing away leftover food. Once you log on to WeCare, you’ll discover that a short walk after your meal could bring someone peace for the first time in a while. Here’s how the app works: 1. A user spots a homeless individual and marks the location with a pin on a map. 2. A subsequent user logs on to WeCare before throwing away leftover food. 3. Seeing the pin, the user realizes the homeless individual is located just two minutes away. 4. The user follows the map to the pin and presents the leftovers. Available in every city on the planet, WeCare can show everyone the joy of helping those in need and make feeding the homeless a regular part of peoples’ lives. We believe it won’t be long before users are bringing their homeless neighbors a lot more than just a bite to eat.


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