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11-50 employees
Privately Held
Dallas, Georgia
Air Conditioning Contractor

We are a Veteran owned company with over 20 years of experience and thousands of projects in the books throughout North America. Services: HEAT EXCHANGER CLEANING XChanger Mechanical, has developed superior methods and procedures for cleaning heat exchangers and condensers. We inspect each unit so that blockages and improperly plugged tubes can be detected, marked and repaired. CHEMICAL CLEANING XChanger Mechanical can immerse heat exchangers in a cleaning solution. This process will remove baked on residue from both the outside and inside of the tubes or plates. This allows all the tubes to be cleaned. This chemical bath will not harm copper, stainless steel or carbon steel tubes. PROTECTIVE COATING XChanger Mechanical is an expert in the turnkey application of protective coatings. For industrial plants these coatings are most often used for the protection or restoration of concrete floors and containment areas. Tanks, waterboxes, cooling towers and pump casings are other possible applications. METAL INSERTS XChanger Mechanical is involved in the repair of tube sheets and heat exchanger/condenser tubes. TUBULAR AIR HEATER REPAIR XChanger Mechanical has experience in the repair of tubular air heaters and associated equipment. We have developed special techniques for repairing tubular air heaters. These repairs include: Metal Inserts: Expansion of metal inserts into tubes to repair holes or combat erosion WELDING SERVICES Due to our attention to quality, we are holders of the “R” stamp as issued by the National Board of Columbus Ohio. This allows us to make repairs to vessels manufactured and registered to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Section VIII code. We are also able to fabricate or repair piping systems meeting specifications of B31.1.


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