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11-50 employees
Dushanbe, Non-US/Non-Canadian

Z-Analytics Group is a new entity operating under the umbrella of the Center of Sociological Research Zerkalo. Zerkalo, as a leading research group in Tajikistan, has a wide array of partners, from local NGOs, to business, to governmental agencies and international clients. Zerkalo is a registered service provider for numerous UN agencies and the World Bank Group. Z-Analytics, as a subsidiary, draws on the staff and resources, experience and expertise of our parent company. Z-Analytics’ highly skilled team is supported by cutting edge data collection, entry, and processing software as well as the latest analysis techniques. The organisation’s structure is an efficient system capable of handling each stage of research while our experience and refined quality control systems guarantee the integrity of our results. Z-Analytics’ emerging portfolio, which includes carrying out both quantitative and qualitative work for firms, CSOs, and international partners, has garnered much praise and recognition. Z-Analytics has unique capabilities, in terms of: Staff Our specialists have years of experience conducting research utilising both qualitative and quantitative methods. Staff members are highly educated with degrees from varying disciplines in the social sciences and have 5-7 years of progressive experience, and advanced training, in research and analysis. Facilities & Equipment CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) is a system that eases phone interviewing. Z-Analytics’ CATI department is unique in Tajikistan and is equipped with the latest state of the art technology. Our Dushanbe office also has a tailor made facility for carrying out Focus Group Discussions and staff members have personally conducted over 100 Focus-Groups. Further, Z-Analytics’ has unparalleled access to, and expertise using, the best specialized statistical software for data processing, such as SPSS for Windows, CSPro 3.0, and MS Excel.


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