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{{Company|isVerified =1|title=Shijiazhuang Norton Trade Co., Ltd|description=|keyword_customer=|company_name_1=Shijiazhuang Norton Trade Co., Ltd|corporation_type=|address_1=|address_2=|postal_code=|state_province=|city=|country=|phone=|phone_toll_free=|email=|telefax=|contact_person=|url=|datasource=|lat=|long=|Web_Content=|Web_Keyword=|Web_Title=|Google_Description=|company_logo=}}
{{ Company | isVerified=1| title=Shijiazhuang Norton Trade Co., Ltd| description=| keyword_customer=| company_name_1=Shijiazhuang Norton Trade Co., Ltd| corporation_type=| address_1=Shenzhen,Guangdong, China| address_2=| postal_code=| state_province=Guangdong| city=Shenzhen| country=China| phone= +86-15383717353| phone_toll_free=| email=admin@ntdecor.com| telefax=| contact_person=| url=https://www.nortonstatue.com/| datasource=| lat=| long=| Web_Content=| Web_Keyword=| Web_Title=| Google_Description=| company_logo=/w/images/upload/profile/Shijiazhuang_Norton_Trade_Co.,_Ltd.png| founded=| size=| intTurnover=| Incorporation_date=undefined| Founders=| Operating_Status=| Funding_Status=| Last_Funding_Type=| IPO_Status=| Facebook=https://www.facebook.com/Nortontrade| Linkedin=https://twitter.com/NortonTrade| Twitter=| Industry=| Also_Known_As=NortonTrade| Legal_Name=undefined| keyword=| Description=Shijiazhuang Norton Trade Co., Ltd is a well-known sculpture industry in China. We are a company of highly skilled staff who installed the most beautiful sculptures in this city's gardens and provided the spectators with a mesmerizing view. All the items we manufacture are well built and will add charm to your interiors. Our services are not just for China but we have a tremendous demand on the global market due to the top-quality products we produce.| olddescription= }}

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Company Name

Shijiazhuang Norton Trade Co., Ltd


Shenzhen, Guangdong



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