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WikiSoft Investor Relations

Invitation to buy shares in WikiSoft Corp.

Wikisoft Corp. is preparing its public listing on the OTC Stock Market in United States, August 2018 as the first WIKI company in the World.

The shares will be offered at $1.85 USD per shares including discount on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The closing date for reserving shares is May 28, 2018.

You can make reservation of shares to or use the investor formular above.

WikiSoft Corp
315 Montgomery Street,1600 San Francisco, CA 94104 USA
Phone: +1-888-989-9982

WikiSoft Corp
315 Montgomery Street, 1600 San Francisco,
CA 94104 USA
Phone: +1-888-989-9982


328M+ Searchable content pages
  • Product articles:
  • 489,866
  • Business profiles:
  • 219,034,449
  • Company profiles:
  • 121,890,554

About WikiSoft

“Wikisoft will create new standards for validating professional profiles and will change the way we trust digital information.”

WikiSoft is provider of the largest and fastest growing wiki encyclopedia for business and professionals everyone can edit. Wikiprofile is a global trademark and build on th official Mediawiki software originally for use for Wikipedia.
Wikiprofile include more than 328 million articles about businesses and business professionals.

Wikisoft Corp is located in 315 Montgomery Street in San Francisco.