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Applied Nanostructured Solutions, LLC

  • Applied NanoStructured Solutions LLC 2323 Eastern Blvd. MP 50 BaltimoreMD
    United States
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Company Description

Applied NanoStructured Solutions, LLC (ANS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lockheed Martin Corporation dedicated to the rapid development and commercialization of nanotechnology. ANS has developed a revolutionary way to grow Carbon Nanostructures (CNS) directly onto various substrates through a continuous and production-scalable process. This process allows a tunable percentage of CNS to be incorporated into composites. ANS was formed in April 2010. The primary focus of the effort is to commercialize the CNS infusion technology for glass substrates, which can then be utilized in conductive thermoplastics, multifunctional laminates, and high performance composites. In addition, ANS has the capability to grow on other substrates such as ceramics and metals.


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