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  • 140 Broadway 46th Floor
    New York 10005
    United States
  • +1-800-490-7454 Website
  • Intelligent Web Analytics
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Company Description

Fastbase, Inc. builds impactful software for the data-driven marketing industry. This software empowers organizations with insights to improve marketing campaigns and understand website visitor behaviors. products are easy-to-use and implement and give organizations the ability to engage with potential customers, create new market segments, and ultimately increase sales. Mission Data is critical to driving innovation, marketing and sales. Our mission at Fastbase, Inc. is to empower organizations with "data intelligence", enabling them to enhance communications with their customers. When using Fastbase, organizations will have access to valuable website visitor information enabling them to better target their customers and grow their businesses. Company Facts Fastbase Inc. was incorporated in January 2015. Fastbase is building a predictive analytics and machine learning platform, which allows marketers to set both explicit and implicit data criteria, automate lead identification, accelerating the sales and marketing process through ranking data on demand. Launched in June 2016, Fastbase Inc. ’s first software application was built to identify website visitors worldwide. The software was made as an add-on for Google Analytics users and is easily installed with just one click. With a recognizable user interface and easy-to-navigate dashboard, Fastbase, Inc. quickly became a popular software for Google Analytics users. In its first year, more than 1 million websites from 138 countries signed up to use the software, analyzing billions of web visitors every month. The daily amount of Fastbase, Inc. users signing up for the software surged to more than 950,000 websites to day processing 6 billion website visitors a month, making Fastbase, Inc. the fastest-growing web analytics software in the business-to-business industry. Fastbase database Fastbase owns the world's largest and fastest-growing global business database, which includes 255 billion IP-addresses, 200 million companies, 350 million websites, and 500 million business contacts, emails, social profiles and more. Fastbase: Data & Web Analytics Leader Combining our proprietary business database with web traffic data from almost 1 million websites, Fastbase is revealing website visitor information to leading companies and blue-chip brands globally. Fastbase is analyzing a constantly growing number of 6 billion website visitors each month, revealing the search keywords/phrases used and a list of businesses that are visiting the website each month. Fastbase is transforming traditional web analytics data into actionable knowledge and identification of web traffic.


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