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Mgpa Ltd

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{{ Company|title = MGPA Ltd|description = MGPA Ltd operates as a private equity real estate investment firm. The Company manages investments including joint-ventures, development, and redevelopment projects, as well as real estate operating companies in the office, retail, industrial, residential, and hotel sectors. MGPA conducts business worldwide. |Wikidescription=|keyword_customer =|company_name_1 = MGPA Ltd|corporation_type = Asset Management|Business_Type = Ltd|address_1 = 12 Throgmorton Avenue|address_2 =|postal_code = EC2N 2DL|state_province = |city = London|country = United Kingdom|country_code = GB|phone = 44-207-743-3000|phone_toll_free =|email = |telefax = -|contact_person =|url =|datasource = 2018_03_bloomberg|email_new = |founded = |contact_person = |lat =|long =|datasource_ident =|mining_status =|intTurnover =|turnoverRange =|like_count =|visit_count =|google_page_rank =|Web_Content =|Web_Keyword =|Web_Title = |Google_Description =|company_logo =}}
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