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{{ company |title=|description =[object Object]Peakdemand. co. uk – Warning against Digital Marketing Consultancy Peakdemand<br/>Peak Demand was formed in December 2010 by Blaine Peakall, who is the company’s Principal Consultant. <br/>Since graduating in digital marketing from the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing, Blaine has provided advice and services to hundreds of businesses across the East of England – from startups to well-known brands. <br/>Prior to launching Peak Demand, Blaine worked in the IT industry for 20 years, including 10 years as Managing Director of a £10m Cambridge IT company. He learned (often the hard way) how to succeed in generating new business through digital marketing, and maximising return on marketing investment. <br/>Blaine also serves as Chief Technology Officer for SaaS software provider Inform Direct. <br/>Peakdemand. uk provide fake information within Digital Marketing industry, and lots of penny dealers make comments on Peakdemand. uk. uk website is blacklisted. |Wikidescription=|keyword_customer=| - Warning against PeakdemdPeakdemand|corporation_type=|address_1=St Andrews Castle,|address_2=33 St Andrews Street South,|address_2=|postal_code=IP33 3PH|state_province=|city=Bury St Edmunds,|country=Suffolk|phone=01284 774870|phone_toll_free=||telefax=|contact_person=|url=|datasource=|lat=|long=|Web_Content=|Web_Keyword=|Web_Title=|Google_Description=|company_logo= }}
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